Hello at Linux way of life on myeburg.net !
This site is hard under development, i dont even sure it would be used by anybody, but i try to make a start.

In short, this site will show you all benefits of linux, and gnome (because i am a big gnome user) from mormal 
user point of view, not like developers it see.

If you would like to do some movie clips and host it here to put this together, please use 800x600 screen resolution,
and same theme as my, all you need can be found here.
Software i use to make flash can be found here and use this to optimize flash files.

As preview i have done three clips at this time. So get Get Firefox!, get Flash v.7 plugin to it, and anjoy the show:

[ ] Make first screenshot (151K) [ ] Upload your first screenshot to FTP (749K) [ ] Next time upload screenshot directly (453K) [ ] Make funny folder for your music (625K) [new] [ ] Rip music from CD as OGG file (1.0M) [new] [ ] Use FreeDB support in gnome to get CD tracks info (246K) [new] [ ] Set up MP3 Profile for Gnome Audio (634K) [new] [ ] Rip music from CD with new MP3 profile (675K) [new]

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